Melanie Maglieri
Social Camouflage: The Bartender
Sandcasted Glass
Social camouflage, although we claim to be individuals and true to ourselves, is important because it is a human need. People change their appearance and their behavior throughout their lives, in accordance with certain situations and certain aspects of their lifestyle. Recently, psychologists are finding that facial expressions are a form of social camouflage.
I cast the faces of five people with facial traits that were found to be attributed to specific characteristics. In doing so I preserved not only their traits but their identities. I took images of these faces as they were being held by five different people I came across in a typical day. I did this to illustrate how simple encounters with people can be much more than we think. That we do not truly know the people we think we do based on common interaction. People are able to camouflage their character and we don’t always know who is wearing another face.
Natural facial expressions are dynamic events that surprisingly unfold during the appropriate moments of our lives. How important are these events in accordance to our ability to reliably make inferences about an individual’s character or personality?
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